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Before receiving the donation, Desire had an old thin mattress, no bedsheets, no blanket and fear of not eating that day. Thanks to sponsors generosity he received all the items mentioned during the home visit.


Because of your generosity, the lives of children living in poverty will be transformed

When you give, your gift is combined with that of other caring individuals to bless the children with what they need. Blessings come in form of

a) An age appropraite gift for the child to brighten up their day

b) Food package consisting of Rice, Beans, Sugar, salt and soap

c) Sleeping package that includes a mattress, bedsheets, blanket and mosquito net

d) Income generating items like pairs of rabbits and chicken to help families earn, 

e) Well construction to provide community access to clean water

For $20, you help a child get an age appropriate gift. For $40, a gift and a food package.The bigger the donation, the more items we are able to bless chldren with.

One Time Donation

Monthly Donation 

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